Sunday, August 11, 2013

1 Get Your Site Approved by Infolinks

Get your Site Approved by InfolinksThese days ironically people are paying much attention to the advertising networks as they are down handed with other earning methods. As commonly we know Adsense, Buy sell Ads, Infolinks and Adhitz are leading advertising Networks which pay the publisher a high rate of Revenue. Previously I have brought you about Adsense, Infolinks and about Adhitz though many of the readers questions over and over again about how they can get the approval from these Sites. This time I 'll explain you how we gonna get Infolinks Approval for our Site. Before that if you want to have a glimpse of knowledge or view of Infolinks please follow this Link. Infolinks, The Best Alternative for Adsense  
So I hope now you have slight background knowledge about Infolinks and so shall we move ahead ?

Before anything I just want you to know how to get the Approval from Infolinks to your Site. I will give some main points and if you work according to them within two day time you'll be approved.

Methods that you should observe in getting Approval

  • It may OK if your site is a blog or have a rich domain.

  • Articles should be written in English  

  • You must have 20+ quality written Articles, not copy pasted 

  • At least have 30+ traffic during a day of time 

  • Site must be something about valuable or something about that makes any sense

If you stick with the above instructions and methods you'll easily get the Infolinks Approval for your site because it is 40% easier that getting approval from Google Adsense and Infolinks also pays a very good revenue.

Now I'll teach you to get the Approval from Infolinks.

  1. Firstly after creating your site with above mentioned qualities Sign Up on

  2. Then when you fill the sign up form you'll asked to give your desired site's link that you are going to get the approval.

  3. After you submit the information, in 48 hours they'll send you an e-mail regarding their acceptance or decline. 

  4. If you fulfill the needs that I've mentioned, I bet you'll definitely get the approval. Just like this, 

    How to get Infolinks Approval

    These are the basic and easy steps you should follow when getting Approval to Your Site fromInfolinks. And there is a special benefit that publishers mainly recognise in Infolinks than other adnetworks.

    It is that all the other ad networks pay for clicks that you get on their ads while Infolinks pay for Page views on your site and adviews and not for ad clicks. This way Publishers are free to earn much as they like.

    Earn Money from Infolinks

    Lastly I will mention you few Advantages that you will be able to gain from Infolinks than other ad networks.

    • You can place other adnetworks' ads also with Infolinks ads in a site

    • Your Revenue is calculated mainly on page views and adviews and not on ad clicks

    • The Best Text advertising network that exists 

    • You'll be able to payout from PayPalBank WireeCheckWestern Union,ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer

    • An Elite Site( continuously paying ) more than for 6 years 
         I hope you have fully understood the process of getting approval from Infolinks to your Website. But if you meet any difficulties please ask for help from me without any bitterness. Also if you still not able to get the approval and fed up from it please acknowledge me and I will somehow help you. Good Byes for Now !  

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