Saturday, August 10, 2013

1 Infolinks, The Best Alternative for Adsense

             Many of us struggles to get the approval from Google Ad-sense though it is a mind blowing work to someones. Google Adsense is the still best Advertising Partner for Advertisers and Publisher Partner to Publishers. But remember nothing lasts forever.

Infolinks is also an upcoming  ad network which mainly depends on text advertising.

Why Infolinks apart from Adsense ?

  • 40% easier than getting approved by adsense in Infolinks

  • Some publishers have their own advertisers and the ad blocks will filled with them  like adsense ads

  • The best advertisng partner offer ads to the text in the Site

  • Though it doesn't may higher than adsense the revenue is better.

Can you use Infolinks ad network and Google AdSense together on the same pages?

            Yes you can, Infolinks works 100% with AdSense on same page. Also because it is an in-text advertising network, you can use it within conjunction with many other online advertising networks, without violating there terms of service.

Earning from Infolinks

                   Info-links ads categorized under 4 groups, 

  • Text
  • Search
  • Tag
  • iframe 
    You will be able to earn from infolinks just for views and not for hard clicks. It is very easy because Infolinks ads are attractive and viewers place their cursor on the ad without clicking but you get paid for it.

           ECPM of Info-links varies from 0.20 to 2.5$ depending on the kind of traffic you are generating. Yes, it also depends on whether your blog generates Indian traffic or US traffic. How much traffic it is generating. Based on all these criteria you will be offered eCPM and it varies daily. There is no thumb rule for this eCPM. It depends on several factors. But the more the traffic the more is the CPM.
CTR will be very high when the content is lengthy. 

If the content is just 50 words or 100 words then CTR will be very less. If the content is around 300 or 500 words then CTR will be around 15 to 20% and eCPM will be more than 1.5$.

So I hope you got a glimpse of idea about how Infolinks differ and better from adsense, but remember Infolinks also have some criteria and they won't accept quality-less  sites. Being rich with content and idea will give you the approval. Eg : Blogging Industries
In the mean time I will show you how to get the approval from Info-links and Hard Adsense.

For now Good Bye !

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